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Beti Phellasio – Beti’s Bangin’ Hooters

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Beti's Bangin' Boobs

Assuming you have recovered from Beti’s initial XLGirls movie, Beti’s Bangin’ Juggs, you will currently proceed together with her footage and prepare to lose your fucking mind.

Beti is an illustrator and commercial artist at home in London. She listed “deep throating” as one among her talents and proved it! What a mouth and lips! She can blast more man off to the moon with her silver tongue and 38G juggs! She has the girl-next-door look that’s total eye-candy.

Beti is into bondage and being spanked. She jills off with double-ended dildos when a man is not at hand to fuck her in doggie. She likes oral, Sixty nine, tit-fucking and having her boobs blowed by an expert nipple sucker. The tit-fucking in her first video is intense. She and her fuck partner Neeo were drenched in sweat, lube and Beti’s spit by the time Neeo blew his load in her face.

Beti’s had sex on a train and in a park within the daytime. She hasn’t as similarly had a threesome but she is up for it. She likes to swallow after she sucks boner. She hasn’t been with another babe thus far but this sexual powerhouse appears prepared for it. Maybe she’s waiting for the right babe. Whoever that can be better be merely as hot as Beti is or go home.

Welcome to XLGirls, Beti Phellasio. Let Beti recognize your thoughts and comment. The babes read them!

Beti's Bangin' Boobs

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Krissy Dawson – The Training Of Krissy Dawson

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The Training Of Krissy Dawson

No matter Krissy Dawson has done wrong under the stern mastery of Mr. Neeo, it is something that he will have to address with more than a verbal admonishment. He has not said what she did. In his opinion, Krissy wants strict discipline or her rebellious streak will continue. Currently they begin the lesson plan.

Krissy walks in on all fours and comes over to him so he does attach a chain leash to her training collar. He plans to break Krissy and train her therefore which she will do everything she’s instructed to do.

They begin by walking her around like he is training a pony. He has Krissy get on the bed therefore he will manhandle her large, soft juggs. She climbs over his knees for a spanking with his bitch-hand. It stings. Pinching her nipples hard gets the reaction he needs too. The combination of pain and pleasure bends her to his will. Then he feeds her hard bone, fucking her face and allowing her to lick his sack. Krissy does an superb employment of servicing his cock along with her pierced tongue and hot mouth. Mr. Neeo applies the rope to Krissy, encircling her melons for a bout of boob bondage. He slides his dick between her hooters, thoroughly fucking them until he’s content.

Solely after Mr. Neeo is absolutely satisfied with Krissy’s obedience and performance will he allow her to take his fuckstick and shove it into her cunt for a slam-bam fucking. He is the master and Krissy is currently his slut. He’ll corkscrew her until he’s satisfied along with her attitude and the way she fucks. When which happens, he does then erupt on her face and jugs.

Krissy has been conquered and his load explosion on her face and juggs is his mark of ownership, as if he’s marking his property. This is solely the start of Krissy Dawson’s training in the weeks to come.

The Training Of Krissy Dawson

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Juanita – Tit Fuck & Blow job

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Tit Fuck & Blow Job

From the Mammary Lane, after a sexy, young Latina from California hooked up with a contributing photographer to XLGirls and Voluptuous, their meeting led to a couple of raunchy photo shoots. And he sent them to us.

Juanita brought together a dude who provided the penis for her to suck and tit-fuck. She blew and screwed his schlong together with her boobs until he exploded in her face. The photographer called it a “totally dirty afternoon.” Obviously he enjoyed every minute behind the camera or he wouldn’t have sent it over.

“She wished to suck me off too after we wrapped it up but professional ethics didn’t allow,” he told united states. “I recognize I missed out on an epic schlong sucking.” Professional ethics–we admire that in a photographer.

Tit Fuck & Blow Job

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Bailey Santanna – Oral Fixation

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Oral Fixation

Did you apprehend that Bailey Santanna Initial posed for united states back in 2002? She was a red head at the time and, like currently, sported a shaved cunt. Seven years later, Bailey was proclaimed the world’s greatest girlfriend (by us) because A) she has giant titted B) she wakes up her boyfriends with a blow job.

And here she is, 11 years later, currently knocked-up with a six-month baby bump in her second of two preggo-sex scenes. Bailey’s tits are any big than ever. It’s like her massive areolae waited for her to induce pregnant therefore her juggs would grow bigger and catch up to those pancakes. She is even prettier than her 1st time and she has which glow which fertile chicks have.

JC is impressed by Bailey’s sucklers as she can be able to be by his enormous wood. She’s extra-horny and needs more sex. She additionally seems to be a lot of orally fixated than she was before pregnancy. We promised Bailey and her twat complete satisfaction so plenty is riding on this. She cannot leave and return home unsatisfied. This would bring shame to XL Girl’s game and we’d be to blame.

But for Bailey, this session has a glad ending. Bailey gets all the boner she wants and a large cumshot of nutritious sperm blast for her mouth since we likewise guaranteed her a continental breakfast during her visit.

JC enjoys wanting to fit Bailey’s boobs into his mouth. In sequence 17-20, he tried to suck and lift one hands-free.

For a schlong bonus, Bailey’s chest get moisturized and tape-measured at the end of this photo sequence.

As for Bailey, she delivered her bundle of joy 3 months after her XL Women visit and we are satisfied to report that momma and babe are doing great. She now wears a 40K brassiere!

Oral Fixation

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Annemari – Packin’ The Boobies

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Packin' The Melons

Annemari in enormous racked city Prague seemingly re-appeared out of nowhere and this time, she’s back at XLGirls to put the F.U. in fun. A married girl, sex with a stranger gets her juices boiling and being photographed above which doubles her excitement levels.

“My favorite way to be happy is oral,” says Annemari. “I like a man with a fast, strong tongue and by being fingered.” Our pro stud covers all of the bases, giving Annemari a large bang to remember him by before she jerks him off in her face. “I like to make a man jizz with my chest. To see his sperms come back out of the head of his dick is one in all the most exciting things to watch. This I extremely like.” As for creating fellows blow their loads along with her breasts, Annemari has the ammunition to do it.

Another confession from Annemari is which she says she has no sexual fantasies. This is surprising but not unbelievable. We’re not ones to doubt a girl after she says something so we’ll take her word for it. Annemari’s interested in threesomes, will not like anything in her anal and has enjoyed a few of down time with alternative women without a schlong within the mix. Now which she’s back, does she have any plans?

“No,” says Annemari. “I take life one day at a time.”

Packin' The Melons

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Angel DeLuca – Super Sex With An Angel

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Super Sex With An Angel

We are charged-up to announce a marvel development at XLGirls.com.

But 1st a couple back story.

Angel DeLuca is into fellows. Angel DeLuca yet has a wife. Angel’s housewife is likewise into guys. But they are not trying for husbands. Because they are married. To every totally various. It might sound complicated but it is very not. Angel is bisexual and her housewife is Lesbian but thanks to Angel, she’s open to new experiences. Currently and then they share the occasional boy at home if that dude turns them both on.

Angel explains their system. “We did have this one guy who we did keep around for a whereas but it is normally lots of of a one night stand type of issue. We’re not wanting to date, we’re not wanting to be intimate…like that. We’re just wanting for fun for the night and…’be on your way.'” No-strings recreational sport sex? Works for us.

Now for the reason which Angel DeLuca is back when a year. Angel has accepted our offer of the cock for the first time at XLGirls.com. This has taken time to return concerning. It didn’t happen overnight. And further we had faith as a result of Angel looked like a awfully hot girl with a high sex drive from day one.

“Are you up to the challenge of what I’m?” Angel asks Largo. “Oh yep, I’m definitely a challenge. A fun one although.” Let the action begin. It is a chest fest of nipple sucking, cock blowing with lip smacking sounds, camel toe fingering and snatch fucking with one in all the prettiest chicks at XLGirls.com. She even jerks his schlong until it blows a load on her giant hooters.

There’s a first time for everything. We’re happy it was with Angel DeLuca.

Super Sex With An Angel

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Kendra Lee Ryan – Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

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Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

Kendra Lee Ryan kicks off her initial week at XLGirls.com with a wham-bam-slam-ya-mam PORN episode. “She’s cute!” says XL Babe Nikki Smith who always warmly welcomes a fellow sorori-titty sister.

Kendra is a salesgirl in a men’s clothing shop. She’s alone and eager for a hard man to fuck among the juggs. Like the clothing stores in your neighborhood. Not!

And as far as racks go, Kendra’s rack is athletic! Enormous titty always look bigger on tiny (5’3″) girls. And then Levi walks in though he acts like a stalker at 1st. But Kendra straightens him the fuck right out along with her enormous breasted, hungry mouth and tight pussy-hole.

“I try to own sex at least 2 times a day,” Kendra says. “Clitoral stimulation along with penetration and a small finger play with my ass extremely makes me explode. My favorite positions are doggie, reverse cowgirl and bent over a counter. I love to suck boner and use a schlong to tease my clit.”

“I’m likewise bisexual. I like licking twat and pleasing a hot chick. I rarely have butthole sex but I really like my little anal plug during sex and which i very like being licked and finger-banged.”

Kendra’s huge jugs, mouth and camel toe are well-filled in her first XLGirls.com scene and she gets to suck down Levi’s nut-juice. She conjointly rings up a sale at the store. Now that’s true customer service! She deserves the Salesgirl of the Month award.

“I love sucking schlong and that i swallow. Real babes swallow plus I love the taste of jizz drop.” Kendra has the same appetite for load as Jasmine Jones.

Show Kendra Lee Ryan a couple of first-time love and comment below if your arm will yet function once this horny debut.

Customer Service XLGirls.com Style

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Sofia Rose – Massive Boobies & Raw Sex

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Huge Titties & Raw Sex

Sofia Rose is blessed with a fine looking face, 38JJ jugs and a body meant for XL Men to enjoy. Now she is finally here to share the wealth, enrich your lives and knock you on your butt.

Debuting at XLGirls.com in an introductory solo pictorial, Sofia can now continue to dazzle your dong to greater heights in a hot PORNO boy-girl episode with regular XLGirls guy, Tony.

“Big boobs” is not the right term. Those tan mountains capped by brown areolae and even darker nipples were created to be worshipped by mouth and schlong.

Sofia is a horny lady. A very horny, lusty gal. Within the video, she talks naughty throughout their carnal coupling. That’s music to a tit-man’s ears once a chick unleashes a torrent of fuck speak. There is nothing a phone sex operator could teach Sofia. She knows how to please a man in each way.

After Sofia gives blow jobs, does she spit or swallow the cum shot?

“I was taught spitting is unlady-like and you should always clean up after yourself,” Sofia tells us. “So I would never spit but mostly because it’s such a waste. However I need to swallow but I apprehend it’s a giant turn-on to men to watch jizz and a sloppy mess so I does usually accommodate.”

The pop-off into Sofia’s mouth is actually awesome. But getting there 1st is an exercise in joy and pure pleasure.

Welcome to XLGirls, Sofia Rose. We celebrate your lustiness and bodaciousness.

Huge Hooters & Raw Sex

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Julia Boobs – The Stinky hole Office

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The Butt Office

Each one in all united states would fucking kill to match in the Butthole Office at XLGirls.com once our co-workers are as horny and as ripped as Julia Boobs, a soft lady built to please hard men. A typical day with Julia taking dictation includes teasing, low-cut tops, tight skirts, nipple blowing, crotch fingering and motor boating. The dictation in this workplace is unprintable for company-wide distribution, it’s therefore sleazy. Giant breasts Julia likes talking nasty. Then there’s her blow employment. It’s packed with drooling, spitting, deep-throating, slurping, gagging and hands-free blowing. Her massive jugs are always available for sliding your boner through till it’s as rigid as a steel bar. Work assignments can always wait until Julia gets her share of schlong deep inside her tight, wet camel toe eager to be pumped in as many positions as a result of the office space allows. End of the day bonus? Which hot butt-hole is the bonus. Get able to inch your way into which traffic-stopping anal. Julia desires a cocktail in her delectable ass at the finish of the match day and she always gets it before she leaves for her striptease gigs at night. Yep, working inside the Asshole Workplace is the wet dream job for many XL Fellows. We must recognize. We’ve got shot loads of load over her. Not additional actual fit gets done at The Butthole Office but who gives a damn after these women give a fuck! Show Julia Jugs a few of huge XL love!

The Anal Office

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Marilyn Mayson – An XL Babe Doubles Her Pleasure

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An XL Girl Doubles Her Pleasure

“I cannot stop jacking to Marilyn Mayson’s 38H milkers and her booty,” writes G.V. of Canada, proving that Canadians have excellent taste in chicks. Succulent Marilyn pulls out all the stops in her 1st scene with 2 men. Previously, she did an interracial threesome with Molly Howard and a boy. Currently 2 boners are hers to suck and fuck.

We knew this girl was a winner when we first saw her. Now that she’s become well-known because of her XL appearances, T&A lovers stiffen at the extremely mention of her name. Marilyn writes in her diary which one in all her deepest fantasies was to be screwed by 2 men at the same time. Currently this wet dream has come back true.

If you haven’t seen Marilyn’s XL movie interview, watch it out. She talks regarding this 3some, her First time with two mans. XLGirls.com was happy to make this dream come true for Marilyn. (During the interview Marilyn said she hadn’t had sex in a moment.)

Marilyn likes blowing boner. Now she’ll get two of them. And one can be in her beaver after the other is down her throat. At times, she’ll have one boner in each hand which she can suck. We aim to please at XLGirls.com. Show a few of love for Marilyn Mayson and comment below!

An XL Chick Doubles Her Pleasure

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